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Wrath of Nature (updated) by Lazy-remnant
Wrath of Nature (updated)
So I repainted it because at that time there's too little references available, resulting in a lot of inaccuracies. Now that the everything's released, it'd looked very weird if I didn't correct it.

Hello, thank you for stopping by.

Well, it has to be the Big G as my first work in 2014. :XD: :XD:

The title refers to the director, Gareth Edwards' statement 
"Godzilla is definitely a representation of the wrath of nature. We’ve taken it very seriously and the theme is man versus nature and Godzilla is certainly the nature side of it. You can’t win that fight. Nature’s always going to win and that’s what the subtext of our movie is about. He’s an anti-hero. I wouldn’t describe him as a good guy, but he’s not evil personified.  He’s the punishment we deserve, you know?

SAI, Photoshop, 6-8 hours.
Godzilla © Toho, Legendary. All Rights Reserved.
STRINGS... by Lazy-remnant
Hello, thank you for stopping by. :)

It's been a loooong time since my last upload ^^;
I was busy with continuous projects from my circle though, as well as finishing commissions; and it happens that this time I finally got some time to make some personal works again :)


Daaaamn, the first trailer of Age of Ultron is sooo awesome! :XD: :XD:

The eponymous villain (and the Hulkbuster) are what attracts me the most! Ultron is seriously terrifying! His "zombie Iron Man" form really caught on me!

Watch the trailer here!

Ultron © Marvel, Disney. All Rights Reserved.
Beneath by Lazy-remnant
A mother sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) and her calf are swimming alongside their much larger marine colleague 150 miles off the coast of Japan.

Hello, thank you for stopping by. :)

It's been a long time since I last submitted anything to dA, due to working on a project. Just made this for intervals before going back to projects and commissions.

SAI, ~7 hrs

Godzilla © Toho, Legendary Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

  • Watching: Age of Ultron's trailer
  • Playing: Skyrim

To all of you who like my works enough to put me in your Watchlist, I really am thankful. :D

So after a long time, I finally decided to start opening commissions. Coincidentally, (or perhaps not) from hereafter I have to start raising some money to pay for my tuition and hopefully, if there's enough to spare, my food, since my parent has already begin to press me about this. ^^;

Let's just get to the point, shall we?


Want a nice wallpaper for your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet?

Commission Me!

After thinking for some time, I realized that most commission format are either print-sized, or various other odd resolutions. If it's not printed, the artwork would probably just sit somewhere in HDD and eventually forgotten. So, I offer you a form of commission that can be used to decorate your computers and/or gadgets. :)

Of course, if you wanted a classic print-sized and/or other resolution instead, just let me know.

Commission Status

I'll open 4 slots. You can see your commission status here.

:bulletgreen: :iconkaitokamimura: -pending-
:bulletgreen: :iconmanaahsteel: -pending-
:bulletgreen: :iconbelleantique: -in progress-
:bulletgreen: [empty]

Past Commissioner

:iconfletchingmaster: :iconkevinmdc86: :iconkoushirogames: :iconbelleantique: :iconkoushirogames: :iconbelleantique: :icondharker:  :iconwolfsilver3:  :iconvegasmazza3:

My Area of Specialty / What I am willing to do

Pretty girls aside, I tend to do best in areas I think a lot of artists may not be too good at, like:

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue mechanical and/or metallic stuffs, armor, robots, aircrafts, etc;
Chobham Armor by Lazy-remnantIron Boy by Lazy-remnantEx-S Gundam/ALICE quickpaint by Lazy-remnantThe Boy and the Unicorn by Lazy-remnant4 by Lazy-remnant

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue background/environment/atmosphere.
practice3 by Lazy-remnantSeeU 1 by Lazy-remnantNeko da! by Lazy-remnantfar above.. by Lazy-remnant

However that doesn't mean I can't do much outside that. In fact, I always try to diversify and expand my scope.
Here's some examples:
Bullet; Blue male.
Plum Girl by Lazy-remnant Connor Kenway by Lazy-remnant40 by Lazy-remnant

Bullet; Blue creature/monster/Kaiju (I am REALLY hoping for this request to turn up :XD:)
Showdown by Lazy-remnant Category V by Lazy-remnant Wrath of Nature (updated) by Lazy-remnant

Bullet; Blue creepy/horror.

Unhuman by Lazy-remnant33 by Lazy-remnantSTRINGS... by Lazy-remnant

Bullet; Blue Animals.
5 by Lazy-remnant22 by Lazy-remnant29 by Lazy-remnant

Bullet; Blue Realistic.
13 by Lazy-remnant3 by Lazy-remnant34 by Lazy-remnant

Bullet; Blue Ecchi/Mature Content/R-18, from softcore to hardcore. B-) (Cool) 
Issei-kun... by Lazy-remnant
For obvious reason, I can't publicly show the explicit works I've made; just Note me if you want to see some examples. Horny!

Bullet; Yellow If you want me to design an OC for you, I will do it too.

Stuffs that I won't/wouldn't/couldn't do 

:bulletred: BL/Yaoi
:bulletred: Anthro/Furry
:bulletred: "extreme" or very.. unusual fetishes, like scat, torture, vore..

The one other thing I really can't do no matter how much you pay me are probably Western/European comic style; haven't explored these yet.
Anything outside these is fair game.

Examples and Prices

I usually do my piece in stages like this:

Elsword Entry Wip Compile by Lazy-remnant

Sketch Point Right Rough paint/color scheme Point Right Lineart (if using line) Point Right Cleaning up, polishing Point Right Finished work.
So that is what I'm gonna offer to you.

If you commission a full artwork, you can request any stage from the WIP if you feel like wanting it.

All of the prices mentioned below are listed under the assumption that it only features one character and no/simple background.
Abstract, graphic-design-like background will cost you just $1 - $2 if you want it (it's not like there's much effort in rendering it anyway). Fully rendered background will have its own price, of course.

Prices may go up slightly if I found the design requested is a bit complicated. For example like FF-style clothing (with all those zippers and belts..), interlocking scale armor, nano-weave, a lot of visible moving mechanical parts, Transformers (the live-action version), cathedral-like building interior and exterior, Avatar's Pandora.....

For vehicles like bikes, cars, tanks, aircrafts, rockets, starships, and mobile asteroids, the price would be the equivalent of a full-body commission.

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Sketch
Scarlet Dmc by Lazy-remnant

Portrait/partial/waist up     : US$ 5
Full-body                        : US$ 7

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Clean Lineart
Ffr-41mr by Lazy-remnant

Portrait/partial/waist up     : US$ 7
Full-body                        : US$ 10

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Rough painting
BRS-30Mikes by Lazy-remnant 

Portrait/partial/waist up    : US$ 14
Full-body                       : US$ 17

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Fully, neatly rendered
artbook entry 04 Flan no bg by Lazy-remnant Belleantique Com by Lazy-remnant

Portrait/partial/waist up                : US$ 20
Three-quarters (thighs and above) : US$ 25
Full-body                                   US$ 35 

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Character design/re-design

US$ 20-35*

If you do not have a complete reference render(s) available (character sheet for example), this fee will also be charged to you.
*Depending on the complexity.

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Background/environment (detailed, fully rendered)
City of Rome by Lazy-remnant

Because this is my specialty, I charge slightly more than commonly found prices.

Stand-alone (means the focus of the work is on the background instead of the character, like the example): US$ 40. If you ordered this one, I'll give you a 60% discount for the character. :)
Complement (the usual background): US$ 30

The works' size and resolution

Like I said, I offer you a functional, usable commission in a form of wallpaper-sized image, like:

- 800 x 600        - 1280 x 720            - 1440 x 900
- 1024 x 768      - 1280 x 768            - 1280 x 960
- 1024 x 600      - 1366 x 768            - 1280 x 1024
- 1152 x 768      - 1280 x 800            - 1920 x 1080

- iPhone        320 x 480        Galaxy S2    480 x 800           iPad              2048 x 1536
- iPhone 4     640 x 960        Galaxy S3    720 x 1280         Galaxy Tab      1280 x 800
- iPhone 5     640 x 1136       Galaxy S4   1080 x 1920

And various other size and aspect ratio available.

To ensure clarity and sharpness of the artwork, I'll be using 200-300 DPI resolution instead of the normal 72 DPI.
If your gadget's screen/resolution is very small, I'll work in larger canvas with appropriate aspect ratio, then resize it later.
If you want, say, a pack of wallpaper in various sizes for your many gadgets, please let me know.

Classic print-sized (A5, A4, A3, Letter, etc) forms are also acceptable if you want that instead.

Tools I use to make your commission

I use a Dell Inspiron N4110 when I'm out (and a PC when I'm in my room), second-generation Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch, PaintTool SAI with custom self-made brushes and textures, and Photoshop CS6.

How to order and pay

Send me a Note subjected "Commission Request" with the following content:

  • Type of commission(s) you want, e.g. Sketch/Lineart/Rough Painting/Full, with or without background.
  • Size(s). If you don't specify it, I'll work in 1920 x 1080 canvas to accomodate most laptop aspect ratio.
  • Amount of character(s).
  • All references and informations you think I'm gonna need, as detailed as possible. If you want a background, specify it too.
  • Already have a specific pose/expressions/atmosphere you want in mind? Please, by all means, mention it.

I am primarily accepting PayPal as the mode of payment (I don't accept dA Points, sorry), but if you don't have an account, I can mail you a PayPal invoice so you can use your credit or debit card to pay me. Don't worry, it's completely safe. You can read more about it in PayPal's official site.

Paypal Stamp by artist4com 

With that said, though, I'd really prefer just doing normal sending-money-personal-transaction whenever possible, because there's a fee involved in online invoicing. And I heard there's a limit on how many times a buyer w/out account can pay before they have to make an account. 

Please send a 50% down payment as an incentive for me to do your commission. I will tell my PayPal account via Note.
I will send you a few sketch for your approval.
After you approve the sketch and sending the rest of the payment, I'll work towards finishing it.

If you only want to commission a sketch, just pay in full up front.

Make sure you sent the money as "Personal Payment", not "Online Purchase" (Unless you are from India or really wants PayPal to deduct fees from your money).

How long it will take to finish my commission?

If you commissioned a fully-rendered artwork with detailed background, it may take up to 4-5 days, counted from your approval of the sketch. If it's really damn complicated, it'll probably took a week.
If there's only a simple or no background, of course it'll be done faster, perhaps 3 days at most.
Please don't give me a deadline. It's stressful enough dealing with college assignments' deadline, much less a commission. But I'll give you my word that I will finish it as fast as possible.


  • I can decline a commission if I feel I am unable to fulfill your request.
  • I retain the right to publish the commission and include it in my portfolio.
  • You can use my works for commercial purpose, but you will have to pay royalties to me, probably from 2% to 10%, depending on what form you're gonna reproduce and resell my artworks.
  • Don't forget to credit me whenever you gonna repost the commission elsewhere. No need to notify me every single time, though. Once or twice is enough.
  • If I feel that I cannot finish an ongoing commission for some reason, I'll return your money. But the terms and conditions of refunds are unilaterally decided from me only (so you can't just demand me to refund you and expect me to return it, no matter the reason).
  • There's a lot of stuffs I haven't yet become proficient at, but I will complete your commission to the best of my ability.
  • If you finally decided to commission me and sending a Note, I will assume that you have read and understood the entirety of this journal, and the terms and conditions of commissioning.

Any questions?


Lazy-remnant's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art

What am I going to say here....?

Just one of the many struggling digital artist in this world.
Visit my pixiv if you are interested to see my R-18 works.


Lazy-remnant has started a donation pool!
1,444 / 2,000
Now that my goal's been accomplished, this will be just for miscellaneous payment and/or if you just feel generous this day :)

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